New Changes in Inheritance tax in Andalusia since August 2016


Finally we have good news for those who have or will have to submit inheritance tax in Andalusia. The changes came in two sets of laws. First one in August 2016 and second in January 2017.  Basically, these changes benefit bigger estates more than before by increasing the exemption for your main home and also increasing the threshold where you start paying.

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Be careful.UK pensions are taxed in Spain.

Are you are one of those retired  residents in Spain getting  income coming from your country of origin and think that due to that you pay your taxes there, you are free of submitting any income tax in Spain? If you are in this situation I must tell that you  are not doing your things correct.
If you are tax resident  in Spain, you will be liable to pay Spanish taxes on your income and assets and will need to file a Spanish tax return.

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Am I tax resident in 2 countries.. ?


One thing that Im frequently asked relates to tax residency. People living in Spain think that because they are paying their taxes back in their countries of origin, they are in peace with the tax office in Spain, but this is not truth..

You can only be treated as tax resident in one country or another, and due to this you will just pay your income tax just in one country.

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