Health care access after the Brexit

We are frequently asked what will happen with  Public Health care when Brexit comes for all those Brits living in Spain and to be honest nobody is sure of what would happen.
What I can certainly say is that with the actual Spanish Law, those Brits registered as residents in Spain earning less than€ are entitled to get health care for free, as follows:

Health care in Spain, which is publicly funded through the National Health System (SNS), provides cover for people who have insured status.
  • Insured status is granted to people in any of the following circumstances:
  • Being employed by a third party or self-employed, registered with the Social Security system as active or in an equivalent situation.
  • Being a pensioner in the Social Security system.
  • Being in receipt of any other periodic Social Security provision, including unemployment benefits and others of a similar nature.
  • Having exhausted unemployment benefits and others of a similar nature, being unemployed, not having insured status on any other grounds and residing in Spain.
  • Individuals who are not included in the above point  who, not having an income of more than one hundred thousand (100,000) euros calculated annually or compulsory cover for the provision of healthcare by some other means, find themselves in any of the following circumstances:
     a) Having Spanish nationality and residing in Spanish territory.
     b) Being nationals of a member State of the European Union, the European Economic Area or Switzerland and being registered on the Central Register of Foreign Citizens.
     c)Being nationals of a country other than those mentioned above, or stateless, and having authorisation to reside in Spanish terrritory, for as long as that authorisation is valid in accordance with the terms provided for in its specific regulations.
  • In our Opinion, if Spanish law does not change in the above terms, there will be a window for those Brits living here with permanent residence not getting social security by other means. If their earnings are below 100.000€, they will be entitled to get health care for free. 
We will have to see what happens, but to prepare for it, if you are living in Spain more than 5 years,  one of the things that I would do is asking Permanent residence (Certificado de residencia Permanente). If you have been in Spain in legal residence (Certificado Registro de Ciudadanos de la Union) over than 5 years you are entitle to this. 
If you would like to know more about it please feel free to contact us,

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