IBI and rubbish

IBI (Impuesto sobre Bienes Inmuebles)

This is a tax charged by local Councils and paid by property owners.


All property within the Council’s area is included on a census and is given an Assessed Value (Valor Catastral). The amount of tax to be paid shall be calculated by applying the tax rate set by the City Council to this Assessed Value.

  • Form of payment: A bill is sent out for payment of this tax every year for every property on the census.
  • Payment deadline: The payment deadline depends on the Council, although it is normally around the months of September, October or November each year.

Basura (rubbish Tax) and Others

House-owners in Spain are also required to pay yearly rates, which is a contribution to street lighting, maintenance of facilities and rubbish collection. The yearly amount again depends on the area and is paid to the local council.

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